Frequently Asked Questions about Impotence and Erectile dysfunction?

1. What’s the difference between Impotence and Erectile dysfunction?

Attitude and time. The old term was impotence. The media and the pharmaceutical companies have done a good job of removing the embarrassing negative connotations associated with “impotence” and replacing it with the more hopeful and treatable term “Erectile dysfunction”. Erectile dysfunction is an acceptable term now. Doctor visits are way and up and men are talking about it and actively seeking treatment.

2. Are you at risk for erectile dysfunction?

If you,

  • abuse your body with alcohol and drugs
  • are anxious, depressed, or stressed
  • take certain prescriptions
  • have suffered trauma or surgical damage
  • have chronic diseases or disorders
  • are overweight and don’t exercise
  • smoke

you are at risk. Especially with smoking. It’s a killer. Both of people and erections. Do yourself a favor and quit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at one of the benefits.

3. What can you do about ED?

  1. It all depends on what caused your ED. The simplest thing to do is eliminate or reduce those factors contributing to your ED that you can reduce.
  2. Living a healthy lifestyle usually means better erections. That means the usual: eat right, don’t smoke, drink in moderation, skip recreational drugs, keep your weight under control and exercise.
  3. Also, stress is a real erection killer. For better erections, learn to manage stress. There is also the dreaded performance-related vicious cycle of failure-stress-more failure-more stress. The best way to break that cycle is to work with your partner to manage expectations and remove pressure and guilt associated with failure.
  4. You’ll probably need help. That’s where prescription drugs and herbal enhancers come can support your other efforts.

4. Prescription vs Herbal Male Enhancers

What are the differences? Aside from the obvious prescription you must get from your doctor, the overall approaches are very different.

Prescription drugs are just that, they are drugs. Herbal supplements are not drugs. Drugs are produced with specific know active ingredients which typically work on one aspect of your physiology. They are approved by the FDA for the treatment of a specific condition. Drugs also tend to have a wide variety of side effects. Because of how they work, the current class of drugs can have harmful side effects and drug interactions. Before taking any prescription medication, especially one that has cardiovascular side effects, you must candidly discuss your medical history with your physician.

Herbal male enhancers tend to have few, if any side effects and drug interactions. This is due primarily to the difference in the two approaches.

Pharmaceuticals focus on one aspect of an erection: the nitrogen oxide cycle. The current drugs work by inhibiting phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5). This promotes improved blood flow to the penis and thus improved erections. Here’s the catch. Phosphodiesterase comes in 10 “flavors”, PED1 through PED10. They each perform important functions in your body, everything from regulating heart contractility to the chemical reactions in your retina.

And that’s all they do. They inhibit a class of enzymes for several hours, then everything returns to normal.

Herbal male enhancers take an entirely different approach. They focus on you as if you were more than just a penis with legs. The herbs and minerals included in most preparations have a beneficial effect on many of the systems in your body. You’ve probably heard the term ‘holistic’. This refers to your whole body. While you will tend to feel better overall, when you take male enhancers, their ingredients are specifically selected from those showing the greatest potential for improvements in your sex life. This includes libido, stamina, testosterone levels, stress reduction. Most likely you’ll walk with a spring in your step. Herbal enhancers also provide natural components with effects similar to the prescription products in terms of their effects on the nitrogen oxide cycle – reference. The difference is the effect is more prolonged and you are not required to take a pill right before engaging in sexual activity. A booster pill will not harm you but after you have been taking an herbal enhancer for several months, you probably will no longer need to take additional doses prior to sexual activity.

5. Male ‘Enhancement’ Myths

The biggest myth is size. Girth, how thick your penis is, can be improved by improving blood flow. Length cannot. You are as long as you will ever be. No pills, potions, rubs or medications – prescription or not can “add inches”. This is so patently false it’s a very good clue as to the integrity of the company promoting male enhancers. If someone is telling you, “you will add inches to your penis”, head for the hills.

Time to see results, is the second biggest myth. The prescription drugs work very quickly because of their mode of action. And as quickly as you can achieve an erection, the benefits fade. Unless of course you are one of the unlucky ones who will experience priapism – an erection lasting more than 4 hours. This is not funny – it is a serious medical condition.

Many products claim their products start acting right away. They do, but the effect is so small in most cases you won’t notice any change. Since male enhancers are not drugs, you’ll need to give them a chance to build up in your system and for your body to respond. These changes are longer-lasting and more beneficial than the ‘one-offs’ you’ll get with drugs. But, to see the full effect may take three to six months. Remember, you’re trying to change your body and that takes time.

Instant effectiveness is another myth. Some creams contain menthol or warming agents. Don’t confuse the effect of a topical with the long-term effects of taking herbal enhancers. They have nothing to do with stamina, libido, testosterone levels, or blood flow – it’s smoke and mirrors. Some companies also include caffeine in their formulations. While this may give you the sensation ‘something’s happening’, it really has little or nothing to do with the quality of your erection. We’re back to smoke and mirrors, special effects, not long-term improvement.

6. Going it alone

This is a big problem. Sex is a team sport. Successful sex is very much a function of you an your partner working together. Studies have shown a remarkable difference in the success rates when partners are kept in the dark. And it makes perfect sense. If you’re hiding the fact you’re taking a male enhancer, you’re going to add in several additional layers of stress to sex. Tell your partner – this will reduce the overall stress and lead to a much better success rate.

7. Check with your Doctor

Regardless of which approach you use to improve your sex life, it’s a very good idea to check with your doctor first. Depending on your age and other medical conditions going from little or no sexual activity to a robust sex life may be more than you can handle.

8. Side-effects

The side effects of prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction can be alarming. Everything from priapism (you erection won’t go down without medical intervention) to blindness, deafness, cardiovascular problems and stroke. On the milder side, you may experience serious flushing and redness in the face after taking the prescription medications. It’s not very romantic to be wondering if your partner is going to stroke out on you during sex. The best thing to do if you are considering using one of the prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction, is to very carefully review all the potential side effects and drug interactions with your doctor. If your doctor does not have the time or inclination to do this with you, you should probably get another physician. Failing that, speak with your pharmacist. They will have a complete list of the medications you’re taking and can warn you of any possible drug interactions.

Herbal enhancers have very few if any side-effects. One thing to watch for though is allergies. It’s a good idea to take a look at the ingredients listed on the label just to make sure.